About Us

At AST Personal Wealth Solutions, we take the time to fully understand your financial goals. Whether you’re just starting out or you have achieved financial freedom and need to reassess your investments, your Financial Advisor will become your personal advocate – understanding your needs and implementing the right investment solutions.


AST Personal Wealth Solutions offers a variety of fee-based investment advisory services or managed accounts, including discretionary and non-discretionary programs.


AST Personal Wealth Solutions Financial Advisors and its dedicated team of service professionals identify each client’s long-term goals, analyze the specific risk/reward profile and then customize portfolios to help meet their individual objectives. We assist our clients in defining specific goals to help them develop a disciplined approach to investing. Our relationship begins with an in-depth discovery process. We determine a client’s exposure to and tolerance for risk. We work with the client to construct, implement and monitor an asset allocation strategy in line with their financial goals and long-term objectives. Our focus is to ensure clients needs are met through:

  • Comprehensive investment advice and wealth management solutions
  • Informed advice and guidance to create a tailored investment plan
  • Dedicated portfolio consultants catering to client needs and objectives
  • Extensive client risk assessment and financial modeling
  • Quarterly performance review against a benchmark target asset allocation